Since I love to be free in what I’m doing I decided to use Xpenology instead of an real Synology and never suffered problems with it. Meanwhile I had multiple systems, on real hardware and virtual systems.

Hardware used before

  • HP Microserver N54L
    • AMD Turion N54L
    • 8GB DDR3 ECC RAM
    • 3x2TB
  • Selfmade Supermicro Server
    • Intel Xeon E3-1230v3
    • 32GB DDR3 ECC RAM
    • Supermicro X10SLM+-LN4F
    • 3x4TB

I decided to switch since I really needed more power for all the services I were running and also switched from real hardware to a virtual machine. Why? It makes it much more easier to update the kernel, since all my systems running in a wallmounted rack with no monitor.

Yes, the Supermicro board got KVM, but still I’m a lazy person which doesn’t always want to run there to mount a USB stick.

At all I can say, it’s really stable, sometimes waiting for a new bootloader coming up isn’t nice, but even without the newest updates, it works fine.

After around 4 years one of the 2TB disks died, while it was a desktop one. I think around 39000 hours ontime. And I have to say, for a desktop disk it’s a really good time. I have replaced the desktop drives with Seagate IronWolfs.